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Why Hire a Tour Guide for Disneyland?

Hiring a private tour guide on your visit to Disneyland probably seems like something only Disney newbies or celebrities do when they visit the Park. Think again... Even seasoned Disney fans often learn more from experiencing the Park with a former Disneyland Tour Guide, than from all the books and websites and videos they can find. That's because Disneyland Tour Guides have spent years playing the part, on stage and backstage, helping to guide guests through their visit.

A private Disneyland Tour Guide isn't necessarily a 'personal assistant', but is someone who can spend just an hour or two, or up to six hours with you and your group, sharing Disneyland history, personal experiences of working in the Park, and probably some tips to make your future visits that much more enjoyable.

This is not a 'guided tour'
A private Disneyland Tour Guide isn't there to take you from point A to point B, reciting a script. An experienced private Tour Guide has thousands of hours of exposure to the Park, its operations, and its guests, as well as countless hours of personal research that helped them be a superb and passionate official Disneyland Tour Guide. That translates into information, stories, and direction about almost every aspect of the Park... so be prepared to learn something new as you go from attraction to attraction, asking questions and having conversations about the fun and magic of working at Disneyland.

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About Dave

Working in Disneyland Guest Relations is just part of what makes Dave a great Tour Guide. He's spent untold hours wandering and exploring Disneyland, learning finding all of the ins-and-outs, and becoming an expert on the Park. He was also a founding Board Member for the Carolwood Foundation; was an Apartment host for Walt's private apartment above the Firehouse; has spent many days in Marceline, MO (Walt's boyhood hometown), and was fortunate to spend time visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum before it was open. His experience is extensive, and he loves sharing with other Disneyland and Walt Disney fans.

Walt Disney Aficionado | Dave Tavres
Walt Disney Aficionado
Walt Disney

Walt Disney's Barn in Griffith Park; Carolwood Foundation; Marceline, MO - Walt's Boyhood hometown; Tam O'Shanter Restaurant; Walt Disney Family Museum... just some of the places Dave has been and studied.

Walt Disney Aficionado
Dave Tavres firing on the Disneyland Railroad |
Locomotive Engineer
Disneyland Railroad

Dave's lifelong passion for trains was topped when he became a locomotive engineer on the Disneyland Railroad. Walt loved and drove these trains.

Locomotive Engineer
Dave Tavres working in Disneyland Guest Relations |
Disneyland Tour Guide
Guest Relations

Dave's memories of working in Guest Relations at Disneyland will be some of the best memories of his life, and taught him more amazing lessons.

Disneyland Tour Guide

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